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Best Gun Safe Buying Guide

Best Gun Safe Buying Guide

Majority of responsible gun owners know the obligations of having deadly weapons and the importance of keeping them safe and secure. To avoid any theft, accidents, and unlawful use, a gun should be inaccessible by unauthorized people, pretty much almost everyone which makes it ideal for any firearm owners to have a gun safe with a secured lock --- meaning the code is not your birthday or 0000. 

What is a Gun Safe

A gun safe is just like a normal safe or vault, designed to keep things safe while letting certain people in and others out. Basically, a gun safe is a safe where you store your ammunition and/or firearms. Its main use is to protect your guns from being accessed by unauthorized and unqualified people, burglary, and in more specialized cases, from natural disasters like fire, flooding, etc.

How to Choose a Gun Safe

There are various things you need to look into before you purchase your gun safe, here are the must-consider:

Size and Weight

When you are looking for a gun safe, you have to consider the size of where you are going to install or put them in. Also, you need to look at the number of your firearms and ammunition you will store.

Many people think they chose the right size for their collection, but when they got the safe, the safe's space is not enough. 

You have to think long term when you are buying your gun safe. Our tip is, always think big when it comes to choosing a gun safe. 

The weight of the gun safe is also an important thing to consider. If the safe is light, thieves might steal the whole safe itself if they cannot open it.

There are some unique cases like that. So when you purchase a gun safe, make sure the weight alone can discourage thieves from stealing it, at least 750lbs or 340kg without any contents is a great start. 

Bolts, Doors, & Steel Gauging

As we mentioned, it is necessary to make sure your gun safe is secured and cannot be accessed by thieves or other unauthorized people. It is helpful to remember that the higher the steel gauge is, the lesser the chances of the exterior of your safe being penetrated. There are various types of steel gauges, but to be safe, you can choose 8 gauges or above. At this gauge, it is almost impossible to penetrate, drill, or pry.

The thickness of the door of your gun safe will determine the secureness of your firearms and ammunition. A door, with at least 5/16 inches thickness, will prevent burglars from prying, blasting, or drilling through it. Look for doors made from pieces of steel because these blends make it more durable and impenetrable while giving your firearms more fire protection.

Bolts are what keep your gun safe together and from opening. Which makes it one of the most important parts of your safe. Just like in gun safe doors, it is ideal to have thick bolts (yes plural, the more the merrier!) to make it more durable and secured.

Locking Mechanism

We already stressed the need to keep your firearms safe and secure at all times. Which only makes it a necessity to have a durable lock system for your gun safe. There are various types of locks with different pros and cons, it will just depend on your preference.

Biometric Easy-to-Use, Flexible, Can Store Multiple Fingerprints, Most Secured at the Moment Expensive, Still Developing the Technology
Combination Low Maintenance, No Batteries Needed Slow to Operate, Not that Secured, Can be Easy to Overpass, Needs a Locksmith to Change the Combination
Electronic Easy-to-Use, Cost-Efficient, Flexible Needs to Change the Batteries, It is hard for a Locksmith to Open it if you Forget the Code
Key Lock Reliable, Low-Maintenance, No Batteries Needed Susceptible to Unauthorize Access, Easy to Lose the Keys

Mountings & Anchors

Now that we talked about how strong and durable your gun safe is, lets now look into how easy to transport your safe is. Can someone just barge in and carry your gun safe? 

While thieves might not be able to open your safe, they might try and get the whole safe just to get the contents. You have to make sure they cannot do that! Ideally, gun safes should be bolted, mounted, or anchored on the floor or wall.

Alarm System

Some gun safes are equipped with alarm systems that blare out when a wrong combination is entered a lot of times while others sound off whenever it is moved or picked up.

It is nice to have a built-in alarm system in your gun safes, but it will add to the price, of course. So, if your budget allows you, choose a gun safe with an alarm system for more protection and security.

Fire Protection

This is the most important thing to consider when choosing a gun safe. A typical house or residential fire lasts for minutes to an hour (average). The usual temperature in a house fire is about 1200oF and safes are usually rated to maintain an internal temperature of 350oF for X number of minutes, depending on what the specifications of the gun safe.

Typical polymer guns melt at 480oF while paper chars are about 420 oF. Today, the use of gypsum as fire insulation is a huge improvement. You see, when heated, the gypsum release steam which helps cool or lower down the internal temperature and creates overpressure that keeps the outside temperature at bay.

Depending on the longevity of the fireproof of a gun safe, the higher the time frame the more the money you will be spending. You can choose from 30 minutes to 2 hours of fireproof gun safe.


Hopefully, by now, you are looking into heavy and durable gun safes which means they are not easy to carry and install. It is ideal and will save a lot of money if you choose a gun safe with free installation. This might be tricky because not all companies offer this. But make sure you do not try to install or carry the gun safe yourself.

Types of Gun Safe

There are various types of gun safes depending on what kind of guns, ammunition, and how many you are planning to store inside.

Rifle, Shotgun, And Handgun Safe

Handgun Safes

A typical handgun safe can be as small as a briefcase, usually designed to hold just one handgun. This type of gun safe is ideal for people who need to carry their firearms everywhere. But it is easy to snatch or steal. There are also larger handgun safes that can hold multiple guns with many shelves for ammunition storage. 

Long-Gun Safes

For people with long guns like shotguns and rifles, a tall gun safe is needed. It is ideal for a tall gun safe to have about 60" (150cm) and the width will depend on how many guns you want to store inside.

Multi-Use Gun Safes

This type of "gun safe" can store different things like guns (rifles, shotguns, or handguns), jewelry, documents, money, and other valuable things. They come in various sizes, forms, and features.   

Final Thoughts

It can be confusing to choose the best gun safe for you but we can narrow that down by starting at looking for the type of gun safe you need. If you have 1 handgun and don't want to get more, go for a handgun safe. But if you have multiple guns go for long-gun or multi-use gun safes. After you figure that out, you can now focus on the features and specifications you need and want for your gun safe.

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