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How to Prevent Gun Violence

How to Prevent Gun Violence?

The news of another horrific shooting breaks our hearts every time. The majority of crimes involve the use of a weapon, the most common of which is a pistol or handgun. The presence of a firearm in a household raises the risk of homicide and suicide. Gun-related violence has become so rampant and it should require immediate action.

Prevention is the key to lowering the number of serious injuries and deaths. Through the public-health approach, all groups including law enforcement, medical providers, the law abiding citizens work together to address the issue and be a part of the solution.

Gun safety

The public health approach to gun violence focuses on preventing the imminent dangers of fatalities through sensible gun laws and fostering a culture of safety.

Sensible gun laws: Making dangerous firearms less accessible by banning high capacity magazines and bump stocks, enforcing universal background checks, imposing waiting periods, and prohibit assault weapons immediately.
Establish a culture of gun safety: We must make sure citizens are safe, especially in this country with the most guns
  • Reduce the availability of firearms to minors and those who are in danger of injuring themselves or others.
  • Hold the gun industry accountable and ensure that the marketing and sales of guns and ammunition are properly regulated. States can also enact legislation requiring vendors to get state licenses, maintain sales records, subject to inspections, and meet other standards.
  • Responsible gun dealers and owners to engage and participate in solutions.
  • Gun owners should be required to complete mandatory training and obtain a license, whether it’s for open carry or concealed gun.
  • Make it mandatory to store guns in a safe and secure manner. People should learn about the importance and practice safe storage especially at the home.

As we continue to be shaken by everyday tragedies, we must commit to changing our culture and policies in order to break the cycle of violence and save lives.

What is the first rule of gun safety?

There are 4 rules in firearm safety but let’s start with the first rule:

1 – Always treat every gun as if it is loaded

You always need to be mindful and cautious of firearms so treat them as though they are loaded. Guns are usually kept unloaded, but if you tend to play around with them, you may do so unconsciously while you have a loaded gun in your hand. That’s when accidents and tragedies occur.

Apart from that, we also have three other rules to keep in mind:

2 – Always point the gun in a safe direction

Never point your gun at anyone or anything you don't want to lose or destroy. It’s pretty straightforward when you’re in a shooting range since there is only one way to point your gun. Keep your gun pointed in a safe direction always. This is to minimize any potential damage or injury in the event of an accidental discharge.

3 – Always keep the finger off the trigger until your sights are aligned and ready to shoot

Avoiding an accidental discharge is as simple as not putting your finger inside the trigger guard until you have made the decision to shoot. This prevents you from seriously hurting anything or injuring someone.

4 – Always be sure of your target and what is beyond it

You are responsible for everything in front of, near, and beyond your target. Always keep in mind where the bullet will strike and pass through, potentially injuring anyone or anything behind it. Remember that you can't take the bullet back once you've pulled the trigger.

How do gun safes reduce gun violence?

Despite the fact that certain policies exist to combat mass shootings and other forms of gun violence, preventing these kinds of tragedies from happening in the future should start at home. Unsafe storage can lead to a variety of hazards. That is why it’s crucial to protect firearms when they are not in use.

Gun ownership is a serious matter. If you choose to own a gun – whether it’s a pistol, a rifle, a shotgun – or a collection of firearms, you do so in a responsible manner and ensure that they are securely stored in a gun safe or gun cabinet away from unauthorized users, to keep you and those around you safe.

Safekeeping them is a way to protect your rights, keeping yourself and others secure. But what kind of gun storage do you need? There are so many different types out there: pistol safe, rifle safe, fingerprint gun safes, and gun cabinets.

Gun cabinets are great for showcasing your gun collection, however, they aren't very secure against unauthorized access. If you have children, a gun cabinet may not be the best option. Invest in a more secure gun safe instead.

Torn between a gun safe and gun cabinet? We have an article that might help you decide: Buy A Gun Cabinet or Gun Safe

Types of Gun Safes

A gun safe is where you keep your firearms and ammunition safe and secure. Its primary purpose is to keep your guns safe from unauthorized use and access by unqualified persons, burglary, and natural calamities such as fire, flooding, etc.

All gun safes have the same goal but not all gun safes are made the same. There are gun safes designed specifically for a single firearm such as a handgun or pistol safe and safes that can hold an entire arsenal of firearms.


Pistol Safe

Pistol Safe 


Firearm Safe

Firearm safe


Others are built with burglary and fire protection. There are also safes that are mounted on the wall and gun safes that are hidden like under bed safes and door & floor safes for securing firearms and keeping them away from prying eyes.


Under Bed Safe

Under Bed Safe


Floor Safe

Floor safe



Vehicle safes allow you to secure your firearms even on the road.

Vehicle Safe


Gun safety and self-defense technology are improving and becoming more advanced. Fingerprint scanners to open a safe and electronic locks for quick and easy access are among the security safe features built in a biometric gun safe.

Biometric Safe

Biometric Safe

Finding the best gun safe will depend on your needs. Here’s an article that might help you on how to choose the best gun safe: Best Gun Safe Buying Guide

Keeping firearms locked and secured in a gun safe can help stay out of the hands of the wrong people and prevent any mishaps that will result in gun violence.

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