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Gardall UL 2 Hour Fireproof Burglary Safe 2218/2 Review

***Image/s might be slightly different from the actual safe. ***

The Gardall UL 2 Hour Fireproof Burglary Safe 2218/2 features a 2-hour fire rating with a drop test and a U.L. rating on the combination lock as well. Your assurance of quality and reliability is that the U.L. two hour fire safe has been furnace-tested up to 1850F for 2 hours. The interior temperature of safe was less than 350F during the test and cool-down period after the heat is turned off.

It also comes with a thick 4 1/4" door with recessed anti-pry design and 2 1/2" thick walls. On its door are two active bolts with massive 1" diameter round bolts extend deep into safes body. Is also has an independent re-locker and hardplate to prevent drilling attack on the locking mechanism.

This safe has a U.L. Group 2 dial combination lock with an electronic digital lock as an upgrade item. The amazing feature of this safe is the "shear" handle. If someone tries to force the chrome handle and applied too much pressure, the shear pin on the handle will snap and the handle spins free. There is also a center bolt down hole that allows you to bolt the safe to the floor for added security.


  • Thick 41 ⁄4” door with recessed anti-pry design and 21 ⁄2” thick walls
  • 5 active bolts that lock in 3 directions, massive 1” diameter round bolts that extend deep into safes’ body
  • Center bolt down hole with hardware included for easy installation (hardware included)
  • Plush carpeted quality interior to protect valuables
  • UL listed, S&G Group II combination lock
  • UL 2-Hour Fire Label, furnace-tested to 1850°F for 2 hours. The interior temperature of safe was less than 350°F during the test and cool down
  • UL-RSC Burglary Label 
  • Solid chrome-plated handle with a shear point to prevent the safe from being forced open by handle attack
  • Independent re-locker and hardplate to prevent drilling attack on the locking mechanism
  • Gardall Lifetime Replacement Warranty
  • Exterior Dimensions (H x W x D): 29.25" x 23.25" x 25.75"
  • Weight: 525 lbs

If you are looking for the best burglary safe from Gardall at an affordable price, the Gardall UL 2 Hour Fireproof Burglary Safe 2218/2 is the one for you! But if you want a different sized one but love the features of this Gardall UL 2 Hour Fireproof Burglary Safe, you can check out the other Gardall UL 2 Hour Fireproof Burglary Safes now! 


Gardall UL 2 Hour Fireproof Burglary Safe 2218/2

Buy the Gardall UL 2 Hour Fireproof Burglary Safe 2218/2 today!

Gardall Lifetime Replacement Warranty

Gardall Safe Corporation assures to the original end consumer, replacement – free of charge – of any Gardall Fire-Resistive Record Safe damaged beyond repair by fire with a thencurrent production model of a comparable value.

This warranty is exclusive and in lieu of any warranty of merchantability, fitness for particular purpose or other warranties of qualities, whether expressed or implied, and of all other liabilities and obligations on the manufacturer’s part.


All Gardall products are warranted to the original retail purchaser against defects in material or workmanship for one (1) year from purchase.

We will, at our option, repair or replace a defective unit without charge for new parts. You must pay all transportation charges and labor charges if a unit is repaired. Defective units should be returned to Gardall or an authorized service location as designated by the factory. 

All of the above is applicable only if prior written permission is given by the factory, along with a proper Return Goods Authorization Number.

Lifetime replacement warranty is available on Gardall record safes. Warranty work must be authorized by the factory. Unauthorized warranty work will not be paid for.

1. We make NO OTHER expressed or implied WARRANTIES
and no one is authorized to make any other warranties on
our behalf. This warranty service is the EXCLUSIVE
REMEDY for a defective or non-conforming product.
2. All warranties are limited to a one year duration, or two
years from the date of manufacture with the exception of
lifetime replacement warranty on record safes.
Note: Some states may not permit such limitations or
exclusions so these provision may not apply to you.
4. This warranty is not applicable to units that have been
improperly installed, misused, tampered, burglarized, or
accidentally damaged, or where the serial number has
been defaced or removed, or where combination lock
numbers have been changed without permission from the
factory, or where damage is caused by failure to perform
normal maintenance.
This Warranty gives you specific legal rights in addition to
those which you may have under state law.

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