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Hollon 2 Hour Fireproof Office Safe HS-1000C Review

Manufactures using state-of-the-art technology and superb craftsmanship, the Hollon 2 Hour Fireproof Office Safe HS-1000C provides the best protection for your important documents and valuables like jewelry, firearms, and more! This extraordinary burglary safe has been through rigorous testing with a 2-hour fire rating tested at temperatures up to 1700°F with its internal temperature maintaining at 350°F. To top it off, this safe has a 30-foot impact rating making sure it is one tough safe and can keep your valuables safe and secured inside. And it doesn't stop there! It has a recessed curvature that provides virtually airtight construction preventing smoke damage and water damage.

The Hollon 2 Hour Fireproof Office Safe HS-1000C comes with a mechanical dial lock, but if you want an electronic lock but likes the features and the exact same size of this safe, you can check out Hollon 2 Hour Fireproof Office Safe HS-1000E.


Hollon 2 Hour Fireproof Office Safe
  • Fire-rated for 2 full hours at 1750˚ F outside, these safes refused to heat up past 350˚ F on the inside.
  • Survived the KSG 30-foot impact test that simulates falling from a collapsing second story onto concrete.
  • Bolt-down hole and hardware are included to add burglary resistance to the already heavy duty bolt work.
  • Recessed curvature provides virtually airtight construction preventing smoke damage and water damage (water-resistant).
  • S&G Group II Mechanical Dial Lock
  • 3-way locking chrome bolt work
  • Re-Locker for extra burglary protection
  • Interior adjustable shelves
  • Interior drawer
  • Door détente device automatically locks safe
  • Anchor Bolt for bolting safes to the floor
  • Factory Warranty

If you are looking for the best office safe from Hollon at an affordable price, the Hollon 2 Hour Fireproof Office Safe HS-1000C is the one for you! But if you want a different sized one but love the features of this Hollon 2 Hour Fireproof Office Safe, you can check out the other Hollon 2 Hour Fireproof Office Safes now! 


Dimensions (H x W x D):
36-1/2” x 23-5/8” x 21”
Interior Dimensions (H x W x D): 30-5/9”x 17-5/9”x 14-1/6”
Storage Capacity: 4.4 cu.ft.
Weight: 440 lbs

Buy the Hollon 2 Hour Fireproof Office Safe HS-1000C today!

    Hollon Safe backs all our fireproof safes with a lifetime warranty against fire. We will gladly replace any Hollon Fireproof Safe that has been damaged in a fire with the same or a comparable model to include all freight costs to the original address of purchase. Customers will be required to supply all requested documents to an authorized Hollon Safe representative prior to replacement. Additional Gun Safe Fire & Burglary Warranty.

    Limited Warranty

    Starting January 2015 Hollon Safe warranties all parts and labor, including all Hollon digital components, on all safes purchased for period of 1 year from date of purchase against manufacture defects. We provide a 2-year warranty on all replacement parts. Extended warranty includes Hollon digital components. Other brand digital components, electronic keypads, will only be warranted for a period of 1 year from date of purchase. Only digital components that are factory installed or installed by a Hollon Safe technician prior to shipment will be covered under this 1 year warranty. Hollon Safe will not warranty any digital component installed on safes that are installed within a floor. This warranty does not cover any damages caused by mishandling, neglect, water, tampering, improper installation, removal and/or re-installation of the safe. Hollon Safe must be notified within a period of seven days of the receipt of any safe damaged during shipping in order to uphold the warranty and/or damage claims. Warranties on damage claims will only be accepted if the customer has properly executed the outlined Damage and Delivery Policy and Procedures. Re-setting of any combination on a Group II dial lock must be performed by a qualified locksmith otherwise the warranty will become void.

    This warranty is valid for the original customer of purchase and is non-transferable. At no time will the warranty cover more than the original purchase price of the safe. At no time will Hollon Safe become liable for the cost of installation and/or removal of an Hollon Safe or any contents or valuables that may be stored in any Hollon Safe. Hollon Safe’s sole discretion under this warranty is at Hollon Safe’s own option and own expense. Hollon Safes will repair the defective safe or part, will deliver to the customer the same or comparable safe or part for replacement of the defective part, or if neither of the two previous options is reasonably available, Hollon Safe may, at its own discretion, refund to the customer the original purchase price paid for the defective safe. All safes or parts that are replaced or refunded will become the sole property of Hollon Safe. An authorized Hollon Safe representative must approve all claims against Hollon Safe. All repairs must be approved by a Hollon Safe Representative before any warranty repairs can be completed. If a warranty repair is completed prior to obtaining an approval and a work order number from Hollon Safe, Hollon Safe reserves the right to refuse payment to the service provider or reimbursement to the customer for any unauthorized repairs.

    S&G® Spy-Proof® Dial Lock

    S&G® Spy-Proof® Dial Lock

    Sargent & Greenleaf® Spy-Proof dial combination lock lets you save your combination or code with up to 1000000 possible options and combinations.


    • It comes with 3 brass and aluminum combination wheels providing 1,000,000 theoretical/available combinations
    • Designed and constructed to perform in the most demanding commercial applications
    • Internal relock trigger secures the lock in the event of any kind of punch attacks from burglars
    • 4-way drive cam allows mounting right-hand, left-hand, vertical-up, or vertical-down almost anyway you want

    EMP Rated S&G® Spartan™ Electronic Lock

    EMP Rated S&G® Spartan™ Electronic Lock

    Sargent & Greenleaf® Spartan™ electronic lock is very user-friendly and lets you add 2 users based on the proven security. It is made simple to use and operator packed with stunning and outstanding security features. 


    • Simple, easy-to-use 2-user electronic lock
    • You can add, delete, or temporarily enable or disable a 2nd user code at any time you want
    • Comes with lock bolt relock verification signal (double beep/LED flash)
    • Penalty lock-out after three wrong code entry attempts to make sure you or your 2nd user are the only once that can access your safe.
    • Low battery signal
    • Beeper volume toggle
    • Uses motorized bolt-blocking technology and NOT shock-susceptible solenoids
    • The safes Lock bolt is controlled by the movement of the safe’s boltwork.
    • The lock's body is the same size as other standard S&G locks as well as its mounting footprint, allowing for easy retrofit. No need for additional boltwork or changes in mounting screw locations.
    • It can also be handed for RH, LH, VU, and VD mounting
    • The S&G Spartan™ PivotBolt™, which is on this electronic lock, automatically locks to re-secure the safe when the safe’s boltwork fully extends to its closed position.
    • Spartan™ PivotBolt™ Advantage:
      • The PivotBolt™ is connected by a cable to its keypad
      • There’s no rigid spindle, so the lock does not have to be placed behind the keypad letting you place it almost anywhere
      • The external battery is inside the keypad. This makes it very accessible even when your safe is locked. 
      • Its efficient lock design lets you change the battery significantly less often compared to other locks

    SecuRam ScanLogic Basic Biometric Lock

    SecuRam ScanLogic Basic Biometric Lock

    SecuRam ScanLogic Basic is one of the most reliable and sturdy biometric lock ideal for any burglary, home, office, and gun safe. This lock features SecuRam's polycarbonate housing and an RF fingerprint sensor that lets you open your safe fast and quick without forsaking safety and security.


    • Fast 1 second fingerprint access
    • Its sensor quickly reads your fingerprint in any position and automatically unlocks your safe
    • Save up to 15 Fingerprints
    • Only the administrator fingerprint or code can be used to add new fingerprints in its database
    • Uses active RF sensor for fast authentication and more reliable service
    • Audible beeps on every click and green/red light indicators makes its easy for you to program
    • Stealth mode lets you turn beeper on/off
    • 4,000+ openings on a 9 Volt battery
    • Standard footprint and mounting pattern
    • Changing its battery is easy with our SureLock Battery Management system. Just release the lever and pull down its battery compartment then change the battery

    SecuRam ScanLogic Audit Biometric Lock

    SecuRam ScanLogic Audit Biometric Lock

    SecuRam ScanLogic Audti is one of the most reliable and sturdy biometric lock ideal for commercial or business applications. It comes with rugged stainless steel construction with optical fingerprint authentication system and up to 500 event audit reporting.


    • Supports up to 30 fingerprints with SecuRam's patented OneTouch fingerprint verification system
    • Support hierarchical user management --- Super, Manager, Supervisor, and User Fingerprints/Codes
    • Unique Self-Learning biometric function that ensures easy operation
    • Lets you have up to 500 event date and time stamped audit trail
    • Comes with Programmable Time Delay 0-99 minutes; 0-15 minute Time Window
    • Lets you control up to 4 locks and authorize user access for each lock
    • 4,000+ openings on a 9 Volt battery (AC Power optional)
    • Standard footprint and mounting pattern

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