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Sun Welding Cavalry Series Gun Safe C-36T Review

The Sun Welding Cavalry Series Gun Safe C-36T offers the best security for your firearms, ammunition, and valuables like jewelry, money, and important documents with its 3/8" thick solid steel plate door and 3/16" solid steel body. Its lock is protected by a 1/4" hardplate with 1/2" absorption plate to make sure your valuables are safe and secured from intense impact, drilling, and punch attacks. To provide more security, an independent 3-way bolt works --- 6 active bolts on each side of the door and 2 active bolts at the top --- are protected by 2 spring-loaded relocking systems that lock the entire bolt works together.

This safe is tested at temperatures up to 1200°F with its internal temperature maintaining at 350°F. This ensures that the contents of this safe remain at room temperature and stays intact while withstanding extremely high temperatures. Fire-resistant safes are specially designed for those that live in areas where wildfires are likely to happen or in hot climate areas. 


  • Standard Fire Rating: 30 minutes 
  • Matte Gray Paint
  • Fabric Walls
  • 5 Spoke Handle
  • Interior: Combo/EZ
Sun Welding Interior Options
  • Solid steel plate 3/8" door and 3/16" body: Sun Welding offers a solid 3/8" door and 3/16" body. The door frame is made from a solid 3/16" frame for added security. Sun Welding doors won't flex like composite drywall doors. The door is recessed for additional security. In addition, a heat-activated door seal that swells up to 7 times its size to help seal out smoke and heat. The bodies are continuously welded.
  • American Made: Sun Welding has been manufacturing safes in Southern California since 1980. NEVER imported. Always providing American made manufacturing. The only parts we do not make are the locks and the handles
  • Exterior Hinges: Heavy-duty exterior hinge set with a full 180° swing door. Allowing the door to be removable for transportation.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Sun Welding's warranty covers fire, theft, and burglary. We also offer extended warranties on locks and entry.
  • Exterior Finish: Its gloss paint in a variety of color finishes is hand-painted and finished with hand-applied logos
  • Interior Finish: Sun Welding fabric lines the six interior walls with a 5/8" fireboard. Then we hand build each interior from solid 3/4" particleboard. It is then finished a velour fabric. With 3 standard rifle configurations to choose or a solid collector shelf interior, we have the interior for you. There are 6 pre-drilled mounting holes in the bottom of every safe for bolting the safe down to the floor.
  • Bolt Works & Linkage: Sun Welding's independent mounted bolting system stops a wide variety of attacks. Using a cam drive system to gear the linkage these parts will not break under pressure. It offers up to fifteen 1" diameter locking bolts (6 active each side, 2 top, and optional bolt at the bottom). With two re-lockers, protected by Armor Hard Plate and second 1/2" steel plate the security is reinforced.
  • Group II Combination or Electronic Lock: Sun Welding gives the user the option of a UL listed group 2 combination mechanical lock or electronic lock.
  • Exceeds UL RSC and DOJ Requirements: It exceeds the UL RSC and CA DOJ requirements. We tested out entry level safes to ensure the test requirements.
  • Fire Rating: The fire test was performed with a safe being placed in an oven that was 1200°F.  At 'x' minutes the internal temperature of the safe reached 350°F. The overall burn time of a safe in a fire depends on many different factors such as the temperature of the fire and the length of time the fire burns around the safe. The safe door also includes a smoke seal around the door to prevent smoke from entering the safe.
Fire Test Graphic

If you are looking for the best rifle and gun safe from Sun Welding at an affordable price, the Sun Welding Cavalry Series Gun Safe C-36T is the one for you! But if you want a different sized one but love the features of this Sun Welding Cavalry Series Gun Safe, you can check out the other Sun Welding Cavalry Series Gun Safes now!


Exterior Dimensions (H x W x D): 72” x 36” x 28”

Fire Rating

Internal Dimensions

(H x W x D)

30 Minutes (STANDARD) 70.5" x 34" x 21.5" 1144 lbs
60 Minutes  69.25" x 32.75" x 20.25" 1259 lbs
90 Minutes
68" x 31.5" x 19" 1374 lbs
120 Minutes 66.75" x 30.25" x 17.25" 1489 lbs

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